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Hello Friends. My name is Amandip H kaurr. I have done P.G.D.C.A, B.ED, M.sc in Mathematics. I have been teaching at a school for the last 8 years I am 39 years old. I am a new blogger. I wanted to start blogging a few years back but could not do owing to my study. I was very passionate about it. As I completed my study, I got to engage with my family and kids. This year 2018 finally I got time to start blogging. I am very conscious about my health and know more about health tips and beauty tips.

I thought to share my knowledge with people all over the world about health via blogging. Knowledge will be genuine, true and original.

The mission of AyurvedSkin24 | amaze24th.com
My mission is to give correct knowledge, information about "How to main healthy skin", "How to be fit whole life", "How to make hair healthy", "how to take care of small kids"," How to keep teeth healthy and shiny" many more topics related this. If any person is having the stomachache, I am having the best remedy, you never heard about it. First I apply to me then I refer this to others.  I mean, Every remedy about every topic is there. please follow all my remedies and get benefited.       


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